New to RSS Feeds


First I must admit that I have never understood RSS feeds, nor have I felt compelled in even the smallest way to investigate them until this assignment prompted me to take some initiative!

Big realization:

In general, the value in an RSS feed is like signing up for a digital mailing list with a special mailbox that isn’t mixed up with your e-mail.

Using RSS in the Classroom

I don’t see a lot of implication for myself as a music teacher in the F2F classroom to use RSS feeds. If I were doing music industry kinds of courses, I could see these being very useful for students to group together various aspects of music industry writings and gather them all in one place for quick access.

Using RSS as a Professional Learning Tool

The implications of RSS feeds as an educator are quite compelling to me, even dangerous if I’m being completely honest. I can see this being a place where there will be focused, meaningful content, completely relevant to my discipline in my profession from sources I have chosen and in an endless stream of fascinating post after post. You can see why someone with a bit of a nerdy bend might be worried! In just the last hour I’ve added something like 15 new blogs to my feed! I’m looking forward to the great ideas I may glean, but also I’m a bit concerned about where I’m going to be getting the time to read all of these posts!


One thought on “New to RSS Feeds

  1. It can definitely be difficult to keep up with every post that comes through your feed reader – I subscribe to close to 300 blogs and news sites, so you know my reader is always packed! Despite occasionally feeling overwhelmed with a ton of information all at once, I have to say that I absolutely love using RSS feeds (for personal and professional means). I have numerous folders and subfolders, so everything is organized in a way in which I can quickly target the sites I want/don’t want to see at that moment. It’s also great to have a central location to save all of my articles and posts. Before I started using a feed reader, I would constantly bookmark sites or download/save copies of articles; needless to say, that was a completely inefficient system, as I didn’t have access to the same bookmarks on every computer (this was pre-Google Chrome) and/or I would forget that I downloaded copies of the articles in the first place.

    Another benefit of a feed reader: if you decide there’s just too much information all at once and you know you’ll never get through all of your subscriptions, it’s super easy to mark everything as “read” and start fresh!


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