The Student Blogging Project: 2016

This is a ten week project that a retired teacher from Tazmania puts together to help connect and create a community of student bloggers.

Here is some general information about the project. 

This project is an excellent example of helping to develop 21st Century skills in students using the Read/Write Web. Here students from my music classes could connect with students in another room in our district as well as in another hemisphere. I am especially interested in how this might affect students when we study native music from around the world.

Imagine being able to share an experience from someone from within that culture and have them help to guide you through that experience from their perspective. This would be doubly powerful if the person were also a student. Here we would be able to honor the knowledge and point of view of someone very different from ourselves, and grow to appreciate them in their own environments based on what they write and share with us. Likewise, we could communicate with them to help find ways to express our culture and musical values opening up a dialogue which may only become possible through a project like this.

I had originally checked out the 2014 version of this competition, but wasn’t finding anything very current, which makes sense really. I was hoping that the comment I posted would get a response.  The 2016 March Class is just getting underway and this made it a bit hard to find many new posts, but I did find one post from a student in Ireland from the County Wicklow.

While a few things did frustrate my search, many blogs are closed to outside visitors for commenting needing to sign in, or many blogs being started for some class or project and then left like an island of isolated information floating in the Web 2.0 ocean. Eventually, with the help of my instructor and some perseverance, the project came together!





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